Zablitsky is a KGB Commander who appears in an Odd Job in Tunguska. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Zablitsky was a high-ranking KGB member who captured important political prisoners. Grigoriy, however doesn't like him or he runs things, so Grigoriy hires Crypto (disguised as a fellow officer) to humiliate him and strip him of his rank. Grigoriy has also mentions that Zablitsky has captured Dr. Orlov, and is holding him at an undisclosed location.

Once Crypto finds Zablitsky at the KGB Base (disguised as KGB agent) Crypto tries to talk to Zablistky about details of the prisoner, pretending that HR wants him to update on current and previous prisoners and where they are at. After Crypto tells him that one of the officers from Lubyanka didn't believe that Blazitsky had actually caught Dr. Orlov there and was coming for inspection soon, Blazitsky then allows him to go to the Prisoner Compounds to prove that Dr. Orlov was in fact, captured and imprisoned there.

However, Crypto instead frees Doctor Orlov and gets him to the docks, where he will be safe. Zablitsky's rank of KGB Commander is then revoked and he is demoted.


  • "I do not think I am liking your attitude, comrade."
  • "Oh really? Very well. Name: Me. Medical Assessment: Healthy. Are you being satisfied?"
  • "Flattery is getting you nowhere, kotik."
  • "They are disbelieving? After all I am doing for them?!"
  • "Such insolence! Quickly, I am needing you to go to prisoner compounds! Orlov is being there! Be bringing him back, and fast. Then we are seeing who is deserving props!" (last lines)


  • He is not to be confused with Blazitsky, who although the look and sound similar, they are not the same person. For instance, Zablitsky is much more rude and arrogant in behavior, and appears to be very secretive about his job.