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The Workers are a group of hard-working humans from Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Brad Abrell and Jim Ward

A Worker


The Workers are usually working alongside the Military and the Majestic. Although they have no fighting skills, they are important to both the Military and the Majestic as they are experts in engineering and working manual labor. They despise lifting crates saying that it's no fun. They can commonly be found all over Area 42 and Union Town. When cortex scanned in Area 42 a worker will think "I should go up to Jersey to see my Uncle Tony," this a reference to the TV series The Sopranos and may also indicate that the workers are Italian Americans from New Jersey, which Union Town is a parody of.

They are also known as Dock Workers.


  • "Very funny."
  • "We're being attacked by Peter Lorre!"
  • "Now what would Brando do? STELLA! STELLLAAA!"
  • "Elvis, smelvis, I can do that! Uh-huh, uh-huh-huh."
  • "I hear Hoffa is buried underneath one of these docks here. Oh wait, he's not dead, I don't know anything about that!"
  • "Ah, I think I just crapped my pants."
  • "I'm getting out of here!"
  • "Man I hate my job. Lift crate, move crate, destroy crate, that's no fun."
  • "Maybe I should give up the jersey and see Uncle Tony this weekend."



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