White Blisk Warriors, or Yetis, are large, snow-white variations of Blisk Warriors.


In a Tunguska odd job, an old hermit asks Crypto to bring him the carcass of a yeti, as he thinks that it is a Blisk. Crypto enters a secret restricted area of trees and fights the Blisk Warrior, then brings its body back to the hermit. The hermit is arrested for "plotting against the government with fake hoaxes". After the odd job is complete, these white Blisk Warriors will appear roaming around alone in remote locations throughout Tunguska.


The White Blisk are stronger and tougher than average Blisk Warriors, and also have better lasers and shields.


  • The Albino Blisk have a more independent mind than the other, due to being isolated from the others. They also undesterstand the Human language better since they've been stuck on Earth longer.


  • "This is what it's like to be slayed!" (threatening Crypto)
  • "Prepare for the onslaught!"