Susan Veronica Alison Stone is a news reporter for paranormal activity.



A female news reporter with an obsession of paranormal activity, and the host of a show called "In Quest for..." (a parody of In Search of...). After Crypto tries to lure her out for questioning with the Venus Human Trap, she is captured by the Lunarians, and after which is later rescued and defended by Crypto. In gratitude, she helps Crypto and Pox in their mission to kill Curt Calvin, whom they believe is a Furon who sent the Nexos to attack their casino.

In an Odd Job, Veronica asks a favor for Crypto to eliminate her competition in journalism in Sunnywood, which he does by going after news vans of other channels, then captures some Lunarians to interview for an expose' she is working on, by destroying the recruitment center buildings and abducting 20 recruits as they escape.

In another Odd Job, She later comes to Shen Long soon after she gets a lead in a popular sci-fi magazine, where she is doing a story on corrupt law enforcement and, with help from Crypto, exposes the police chief's corruption in front of the whole station. In retaliation, the police chief tries to kill her, and once again with Crypto, she escapes. As revenge, she has Crypto draw out a Nexo Walker, then lures it to the police department building, so it can destroy the building, and she also gets a good story to go with it. Crypto then destroys the walker after its usefulness has ended.


  • "Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, alien invaders. Do they exist? I'm Veronica Stone, and for 42 of the next 60 minutes, we'll be in quest for... Aliens."



  • Like Natalya Ivanova, Crypto regularly flirts with her, though unlike Natalya she appears to enjoy it and even uses it to have him protect her, stating "remember Crypto, protect me and you get me".