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Venus Human Trap

A Venus Human Trap monster

The Venus Human Trap is one of Crypto's most deadly weapons in Path of the Furon.


The Venus Human Trap sprouts from a spore ejected from the gun. The Venus Human Trap will start with two tentacles to grab and throw humans into it's gaping maw, but with upgrades (or if the Trap eats enough), it will grow up to six tentacles and gain the ability to spit out the brains of its victims.

It can also eat vehicles; including tanks and helicopters (only with upgrades). The plant has a health bar that decreases over time, and can be replenished by using Transmogrify on objects to replenish Crypto's ammo. Once another spore is planted, the first Venus Human Trap will retreat into the ground and die.


  • Orthopox stated that only one Venus Human Trap may be used at a time, otherwise they would turn on each other.
  • The Venus Human Trap has a similar function to the Burrow Beast from Destroy All Humans! 2.
  • As stated by Orthopox, Venus was once a lush, fertile jungle planet, until they turned it into a self-perpetuating inferno.
  • If Crypto fires a Venus Human Trap spore, any enemies will attack it rather than Crypto. Registering it as a greater threat than Crypto.

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