Urban Males are a type of a civilian in Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by J. Grant Albrecht
Urban Male

An Urban Male


The Urban Males are typical city-folk "squares" and appear to be of a high class, as they dress in fancy suits and fedoras and speak in a snooty-type of voice. They also believe there's too many people in Captiol City. They can be only found in Capitol City.


  • "Perhaps I should go back to the two martini lunch."
  • "My mind says Ike but my body says...Ike. Huffman you just lost one vote."
  • "Bird, Coltraine, Bird, Coltraine, I just don't know, daddio."
  • "Now why won't Miss Cuplick go out with me? She's a fox and her dig her apartment."
  • "I can't wait to land the Jenkins account, that way I can rub Andrew's nose in it."
  • "That Rock Hudson... what a dream boat. Did I just say that?! Ummm...uh, lumberjacks...uh, football...Ah, that's much better."
  • "No what if you cooked hamburgers really fast and gave them out on the side of windows? Nah, that's a stupid idea, it will never work."
  • "I like Ike and i'm proud of it!"
  • "Janet better not give me any lip tonight, I'm in no mood."


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