The Urban Females are a type of civilian in Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Salli Saffioti.


The Urban Females are typical city-folk and appear to be of a high class, being that they dress formally, and most of them appear to be working at jobs such as being secretaries. They can only be found in Capitol City.


  • "If only I could keep my kitchen clean and fresh- wait a minute, I'm not a housewife, I'm a working gal!"
  • "There's got to be a rich gentleman for me somewhere in this city."
  • "Eat your heart out, Hepburn! I can have breakfast at a jewelry story with my man any day of the week!"
  • "Now where did I put my kids?"
  • "I'd like to meet the man who invented high heels, so I could kill him!"
  • "I'd do anything to get Johnny's attention! Anything!"
  • "One drink for breakfast, two for lunch. With any luck, I won't even remember dinner."
  • "What would Marilyn do in a situation like this? Other than take a lot of bennies..."
  • "I'm more than just a secretary!"
  • "One more "sweet cheeks" comment, and I'm calling my lawyer."
  • "They've come from outer SPACE!" (alerted of Crypto's presence)
  • "No, no, no!"
  • "They're here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and they're all out of bubblegum!"
  • "Little green MEN!"
  • "Space invaders!"



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