Trahn is the proprietor of the Big Willy restaurant in Vietmahl, a leader of the Komeer Beige, and later, a traitor to Crypto and Pox.


Trahn, the proprietor of the Vietmahl Big Willy restaurant, gives Crypto information on how to sneak into Colonel Kluckin's base and to kill the supply convoys that were (supposedly) going to supply Kluckin, but he later reveals that the convoys were going to kill the Colonel. Trahn was a traitor working for Kluckin.

When Pox located his whereabouts, he tries to kill Crypto with explosive chickens. Trahn rides a moped with a crude shield protecting him which can be destroyed slowly by Crypto's weapons and he attacks by throwing chickens with explosives attached to them. The chickens will chase Crypto and explode in his face. He is eventually destroyed by Crypto.