Tony the Dance King is a popular actor/dancer at Sunnywood.


During the mission where you have to stop the remake "Invasion of the Bodymorphers", Pox assigns Crypto to disguise himself. Crypto chose Tony the Dance King, and then uses Body Snatch on him and enters the building where the producer for "Invasion of the Bodymorphers" is at.

After a rather lengthy discussion however, the Producer refuses to scrap the movie. Angered, Crypto then goes into his saucer and destroys the studio to sabotage the movie. Once your finished destroying the studios, the Producer then comes to "Tony" and agrees to make his film.


  • "Yeah bro, just as soon as I get some mano-a-five-o time with my ladies. Hey girls, save some chest hair for later."


  • He is heavily based off John Travolta's character from the film Saturday Night Fever.



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