The Undercover Agent is an American soldier disguised as a Russian scientist.


The Undercover Agent has been in Tunguska for some time now and is has having difficulty trying to talk like a Russian. He really hates Revelade and said that it had been causing major problems for Bay City. He has an Odd Job for you to do which is to kill the snitch who got his friend arrested.

All is well until Blazitsky recruits a disguised Crypto to kill him.


  • "Helloski."
  • "Thank God you're here! I'm so tired of tryin' to sound like a Russian! Do you have any idea how hard it is?"
  • "Glory? Honor? Yeah, I got nothin'- but I want revenge! A snitch who got a friend of mine arrested! He's probably dead by now, but the snitch is still alive. He'll be in the food lines, somewhere nearby."



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