The Freak is a drug abused hippie who lives in Bay City, and is described by hippies as always knowing everything worth knowing. Crypto continuously goes (disguised as a hippie) to the Freak for information, while in Bay City. He appears only in Destroy All Humans! 2.



The Freak's appearance is nearly identicle to the model of another hippie, with his hat and sunglasses, being the only things that differentiating them.


Because of continously taking drugs, the Freak gets very delusional and is seen strangely dancing all the time, even for a hippie. Also, the Freak can't seem to remember facts he has given to Crypto even claming once that he can read minds.


After being attacked by the KGB agents at a party and the mothership being destroyed, Crypto goes to The Freak for information on how the KGB found him and why they decided to crash his party. The Freak tells Crypto that the KGB didn't crash the party, they had been invited by Coyote Bongwater; the leader of the Bay City hippies and the main supplier of Revelade.

Later after doing a number of cult missions, Shama Llama asks Crypto to get The Freak to make posters for their cult.



  • The Freak claims, he picks up radio messages with his teeth.
  • In a conversation, Crypto ask the Freak if he's ever been to Capitol City, in which the Freak initially says yes, but then immeadiately denies it saying he wouldn't want be in a place filled with squares or politics. This might imply that he might had a bad experience at Capitol City.