Toymoto Executive

The Executive

The Toymoto Executive is a paranoid businessman from Takoshima. Voiced by Paul Nakauchi.


The Executive first appears in an Odd Job, where he was recently promoted and was given a new shiny car, that to him was a sign of prosperity. He wanted to impress his boss with the new car that way he could be promoted further. Because of this, he was very paranoid and defensive about his new car. Crypto finds out about this and follows the Executive to his car in the streets in Takoshima, where he lets the Executive live but destroys the car.

The Executive appears in again in another Odd Job, where you have to destroy his brand new car, but this time he's assigned the East Yakuza to protect it. However, the car is destroyed again, though the Executive survives.

According to the files at the end of the Odd Job, he looses his position at his job after loosing two vehicles under suspicious circumstances.


  • "Yes. Is being very precious. How else I am knowing I am better than blue-collar workers?"
  • "HAHAHA! You make me laugh! DON'T TOUCH MY CAR!"
  • "I not need psychoanalysis from you! Stop trying to read my mind! Go away!"
  • "I'am so afraid for new car-san! He all alone in street...Terrible disgrace to family if anything happen to new car on first day!" (inner thoughts)


  • According to the files he is also known as "Employee 24336".
  • He is the only person in the "Ruin Lives" Odd Jobs to have his life ruined twice.


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