Tanks are military vehicles that appear in all the Destroy All Humans! games. 
DAH! Army Tank

An Army Tank as it appears in Destroy All Humans!


Whenever the alert level reaches the Army, tanks will comes. The Tanks are the most powerful land that will attack Crypto. However, they can be easily destroyed by Saucer weapons and by the Ion Detonater.


The Tanks appearances only slightly differ from each game. In Destroy All Humans!, the tanks were green and had a American flag on them. They were also armed with a machine gun that would fire at Crypto if he got to close. In Destroy All Humans! 2, the tanks now are M-48 Pattons with a modified turret with two guns. On ground, they only fire one of the guns but once the Saucer takes flight, they will use both guns. There are also two variants of tanks in the game such as Masers and SAM Launchers. In Big Willy Unleashed, the tanks appear to be identical to the the tanks from the first game, only they have no machine guns.

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