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Takoshima is an island nation off the coast of China and is based on Tokyo and some rural areas of Japan. Takoshima is the third Invasion site in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Takoshima's main industries are rice farming, fishing, and high tech industry. The Takoshimese Military is known to have an Army with advanced laser weaponry (in the form of special laser tanks). The nation seems to be the most disorganized of all the mentioned ones (America, England, Russia, Takoshima) and is mostly divided up based on what faction owns what location.


The first mission was to retrieve a KGB package for Natalya. The KGB found out and tried to get it back and kill Cryptosporidium and Natalya, but they survived and destroyed them all. Natalya said goodbye and drove away in her car.

The second was between the White Ninja/Furon alliance and Black Ninjas. Cryptosporidium, trying to stop the White Ninjas from blowing up pieces of the Orthopox Mothership, found where their base was located and persuaded the Ninja to their side. Soon after the Black Ninja attacked, attempting to assassinate the White Ninja Leader.

The next was an attack on Castle Kuro. Cryptosporidium battled his way up the path to the summit of Castle Kuro's mountain, then escorted Dr. Go! down. After Dr. Go! was safe Crypto destroyed Castle Kuro.

Crypto, to get a code to a terminal on Mount Seiyuki, destroyed the KGB Headquarters then killed Agent Soyorski. After the headquarters' destruction KGB Agents flooded into West Street to guard Soyorski.

After obtaining the codes, Cryptosporidium and Natalya Ivanova attacked Mount Seiyuki. Cryptosporidium escorted Ivanova to the summit, where she opened a hatch covering the mouth of the volcano. A self-destruction sequence was initiated, forcing them to flee. KGB and Black Ninja (both of whom guarded the pass up the mountain) casualties were high, and the base was destroyed.

The Blisk had created a new bio-weapon, Kojira Kaiju, and set her loose during the assault of Mount Seiyuki. (depending on how the player plays) Cryptosporidium or Kojira destroyed all of Takoshima City, and destroyed dozens of military tanks. Cryptosporidium finally won, killing Kojira (though the entire capital of Takoshima had been lost). He now heads off to Tunguska.


Takoshima City: The capital and urban center of Takoshima. The city occupied most of the north-west and most of the civilian population lives there. The KGB, West Yakuza, and East Yakuza all have bases on the outskirts. The main landmark is a spoof of the Tokyo Tower. The city was destroyed by (depending on how the player played the last mission in Takoshima) Kojira/Cryptosporidium. However, enough civilians and resources survived to allow the city to be rebuilt.

Red Tower: A spoof of the Tokyo Tower in the center of Takoshima City. Two Yakuza stand guard there, suggesting that they own it. However, in one mission, the KGB is seen there.

Red Tower Underpass: An underpass in front of Red Tower.

KGB Headquarters: A large building in eastern Takoshima City. The building was destroyed by Cryptosporidium in an effort to kill Agent Soyorski.

KGB House: A house south of South Street (the street south of Takoshima). The house is owned by the KGB, as several Agents operate from there.

West Yakuza Compound: A building in west Takoshima City, with light walls made of dumpsters surrounding a plaza. The West Yakuza are concentrated inside.

East Yakuza Compound: A building in east Takoshima City, with reinforced walls (the dumpsters themselves can't be moved: a car has to be pushed into them, or they have to be destroyed). More or less the East Yakuza equivalent of the West Yakuza Compound.

Shinobi Island: An island north of Takoshima City, where the Black Ninja's main base is.

Shinobi Bridge: A bridge from Takoshima City to Shinobi Island. The bridge is, on the Shinobi side, guarded by two Black Ninja.

Gouka Road: A small road crossing south Takoshima. Ninjas constantly attack citizens here: the attacks never stop, meaning that no matter how many Black Ninjas die or how long somebody waits the fighting won't stop. Similar to Tarkovskoye in Tunguska (see Tunguska).

Continental Road: A large road spanning middle Takoshima, connecting Takoshima City to the Zen Temple.

Upper Clearing: A span of land that is not paved, but is clear enough that you can cross northern Takoshima from Takoshima City to the Zen Temple. It doesn't move much.

Arkvoodle Camp: A large camp with around 15 tents south of the Gouka Road and north of Castle Kuro. A rather diverse population of Cultist lives here, including even policemen.

Sashimi VIllage: A village east of the Gouka Road and north of Mount Seiyuki. The village is populated by Rurals (Urban men who carry baskets on their backs).

Castle Kuro: A castle on a mountain, on the western peninsula. KGB and Black Ninja both own the castle. Cryptosporidium destroyed it after rescuing Dr. Go!

Military Barracks: A barracks along the Gouka Road, in central Takoshima. Over a dozen well-armed soldiers guard it, along with three ground turrets.

Small Compound: A compound southeast of the Military Barracks. The Ninja have a very small presence there.

Mount Seiyuki: A volcano on the eastern peninsula. A path snakes around it, with three terminals only accessible by code words (eye, love, ewe). The entrance is at the top (the volcano's mouth) and leads to a central room connected to a mass of bridges held up by cables. The exit is a large opening in the side of the volcano at the end of these bridges, where one trying to leave can used a jetpack to fly onto the volcano. The base was destroyed after an assault on it.

Zen Temple: A temple in northeastern Takoshima. Both civilians and White Ninja go there, and it is a gathering spot for the Cult of Arkvoodle. The Second Coming of Arkvoodle took place there.

White Ninja Compound: The White Ninja base, located east of the Zen Temple. An Arkvoodle Cult gathers there.


  • The city's name most likely comes from the city of Tokushima, Japan.

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