A checkered shirt version of a Suburban Male.

Suburban Males are a type of civilian in Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Keith Ferguson and Brad Abrell.


The Suburban Males are overall the "Average Joe" and the everyman in terms of personality, and they live fairly normal lives such as a filing clerk. They are some of the most common humans in the first game. They can be found in Rockwell and Santa Modesta.


  • "Some people call me Joe Six-Pack. I don't know why, I never work out."
  • "I love my new edsel, it's a classic in the making."
  • "This reminds me of that one time I accidentally took that debutante home instead of my wife. Boy was that embarrassing."
  • "You know, there sure is a lack of color in this town."
  • "Martians!"
  • "They wanna destroy our ways of life!"
  • "We're under attack!"
  • "I've got a golf club and I'm not afraid to use it!"
  • "I just got married yesterday and now I have the seven minute itch. And I wanna scratch it baby, YOWZA! YOWZA!"
  • "I've got to keep up with the Joneses! If only I knew who the Joneses are."
  • "Damn kids, I never wanted them anyways."
  • "HELP!!!"