Suburban Females are a type of civilian in Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Paula Tiso
Suburban Females

Crypto attacking a few Suburban Females


The Suburban Females are found in Santa Modesta, and are the most common pedestrian encountered there on a normal alert status.

Most of them appear to be housewives and neighbours who appear to competitively dislike each other, and as such, show a very stressful inner attitude hidden beneath their bright exterior. They show an interest in Tupperware parties and are addicted to Valium. Unlike most characters in the game, they show a liking towards President Huffman and dislike Dwight Eisenhower.


  • "Bob, call the neighbourhood watch!"
  • "Space freak!"
  • "Hairless hamsters from space!"
  • "Help!"
  • "Aiiieeee!"
  • "Little green men!"
  • "They, they look so... happy! Oh, I can't stand it. I hate this stupid, small minded little town! I'm getting out of here if it's the last thing I do! Who am I kidding? I'm just gonna go hit the pool party, pick up some dumb young stud, take him home, and then drown my sorrows in cheap meaningless sex. Mrowr!"
  • "That rotten mayor! We gave five hundred dollars to that campaign, and still no invitation to the pool party at the motel! Maybe I should sell those photos to the tabloids after all!"
  • "If my kitchen isn't the cleanest and the shiniest kitchen in this whole town, I'll crush anyone who disagrees with me, with my dainty manicured fists!"
  • "I love- I love- JAZZ! Oh the shame of it, Charlie Parker, how you have corrupted me."
  • "The sexiest word in the English language? Tuperware."
  • "Hmm, Bob never even looks at me anymore. Thank God."
  • "Hmm, lovely lawn Judy, beautiful garden dear. You man-stealing, stuck-up witch!"
  • "I'm afraid of Virginia Woolf!"
  • "I like that Huffman, Ike is bald and shifty. Is is wrong to be so shallow?"
  • "Have you gotten a look at my new brassiere? I could torpedo a U-Boat with these things!"
  • "Now where did I put my kids?"



  • The attitude of the Suburban Females, as shown in their thoughts, may have been inspired by the characters of the wives in the satirical novel The Stepford Wives.
  • They are voiced by Paula Tiso.