The Strange Tentacle is mysterious experiment that appeared very briefly in Destroy All Humans! 2


The Strange Tentacle appeared along in Milenkov's broadcast from Tunguska on a large screen inside the KGB Base (which was inside a volcano). It was initially shown to right beside Milenkov and then later it was shown to be on the top of Milenkov's seat. After Milenkov's broadcast, it is never seen again.



  • It's presence or what it exactly was never explained.
  • It's also unknown if it was actually part of larger creature.
  • Given that Milenkov said he busy with experiments, it's highly likely the strange tentacle was one of them.
  • It could possibly be of Blisk origin.
  • In it's brief screen-time it behaved like a pet to Milenkov.
  • It resembles a octopus's tentacle.