Space Traffic Control is an organization of an unknown alien species from an unknown planet. A unhelpful worker of theirs contacted Pox in an Odd Job in Bay City. Voiced by Steve Blum.


In the Odd Job, Pox and Crypto attempt to get a Mothership to pick them up from Earth, but in order to do so they need to get contact from somebody on the Furon homeworld. Once they put the transmitter on Coit Tower, they get a call from a worker from Space Traffic Control. Thrilled, Pox answers the call and identifies himself as Orthopox 13. The worker then says he's never of him. Pox is offended and they both get into in annoying phone call. It ends with the Space Traffic Control worker accusing Pox of being a prank caller and then he hangs up.

Shortly afterwards, the Admiral picks up Pox's transmission and the two continue the conversation.


  • The Space Traffic Control worker claims that Sol-3 has nothing there except one planet with intelligent lifeforms (mentioning that they use that term "very loosely") leftover, due the Martian War.
  • They are never seen, but one worker's voice is heard over the transmitter.
  • It's possible they might not actually be Furons, but instead a different alien race that just so happens  to deal with space traffic, as they were unfamiliar with Orthopox and were not very aware of Earth (unlike the Furons.) Whatever species they were and what their appearances are unknown, however, as only one's voice was heard over a call with Pox.


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