DAH! Soldiers

A group of Soldiers.

The Soldiers are enemies from the game of the Destroy All Humans! series. Voiced by Keith Ferguson and Steve Blum


The Army Soldiers are the main military force in the first game and are basic enemies that Crypto fights. They will come at you once the alert level reaches "orange" on the Army Star. If they aren't enough, the alert level will become red and Majestic Agents will come in. 

They are armed with rifles and are led by General Armquist. They can be found everywhere, except Turnipseed Farm after the first mission.


  • "Man, do I hate marching, these boots suck!"
  • "March here, march there, march it yourself jerkoff!"
  • "I wanna be just like Sgt. York, or Gomer Pyle!"
  • "If I don't get to shoot anything soon I'm gonna go outta my mind."
  • "What's that?"
  • "Let's get it on!"
  • "What's going on there?"
  • "Get back, get back!"
  • "What are you doing?"
  • "Midget!" (when spotting Crypto)
  • "I destroyed entire Korean villages, you think I'm scared of you alien!?"
  • "Don't move, stay right there!"
  • "I got peanuts..." (when searching for Crypto)
  • "Armquist is my hero."
  • "This ain't like WW2!"
  • "My pappy fought in the big one."
  • "Olive this, khaki that. What the hell's wrong with fuchsia?"
  • "Don't ask, don't tell, works for me."
  • "Why won't those commies invade already? I want to shoot me some reds!"
  • "If I wanted to fly, I'd join the freaking Air Force!"
  • "Enemy described as being serious threat. Military forces being sent to take out enemy threat." (Military commander sending out military forces).


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