The Shen Long Police Chief is the corrupt police chief of Shen Long



The Shen Long Police Chief is a seemingly average, strict and stern police officer who is busy and is dedicated to his job. However in truth, he is actually very corrupt, egotistic and hostile and demands respect from his officers. He tries to hide the fact he is corrupt thought by lying and covering it up so he can look good.


The Shen Long Police Chief first appears in the game when Crypto (disguised as a Shen Long police officer) tries to convince him to go inspect the shipyard (as the White Dragon Society were lurking there). After a lengthy conversation, the Shen Long Police Chief permits you to go inspect it.

Later on in an Odd Job, it is revealed by Veronica Stone that he is actually corrupt and has been collecting bribe money from dealers. As the Police Chief goes to make a deal with the dealer, Crypto gets in disguise and eavesdrops on his conversation. After the deal is done, the Police Chief heads back to Shen Long Police HQ. Crypto then Body Snatches the dealer and goes to talk with the Police Chief, reminding him of the deal and making him look bad in front of his fellow officers.

However, the Police Chief denies it all and orders his police officers to take Crypto away, but then Veronica Stone comes in. The Shen Long Police Chief initially welcomes her, but when she reveals to him proof his corruption towards him and the police officers with an audio recording of his deal with the dealer. Busted, the Shen Long Police Chief orders his police officers to kill Veronica Stone. After Crypto then manages to save Veronica Stone, the Shen Long Police Cheif escapes for the time being.

Later on, he is killed by Crypto when Crypto uses the Tornadotron to destroy multiple buildings, the last building which the Shen Long Police Chief just so happened to be in during it's destruction.


  • "Patrolman, speak, but know that I am a buys man. Do not waste my time."
  • "You will begin by addressing me properly."
  • "One more thing. You repeat any of this to anyone other than the Madame, I will make you disappear."
  • "Is that all? You expect me to settle for chump change? I expect more "special" consideration given the level of risk I am taking."
  • "It's not can't be..."
  • "Yes...Kill her!" 


  • His real name is unknown.


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