Sgt. Fauxhall is a military sergeant who appears as a minor character in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Fauxhall works as a military sergeant in the military base east of Bay City.

Fauxhall is first seen recruiting a disguised Crypto to bring back a soldier-turned-hippie named Clayton Cartwell, Jr. to the military base, as he had dodged being drafted into the Vietnam War.

Once Crypto has succeeded, he then informs Crypto that a corrupted military officer named Private Danza is selling nukes out to the KGB, as well as possibly showing incriminating photos of Fauxhall in his younger days. After Danza has been killed, he is not seen until later, where a KGB Agent tasks a disguised Crypto to assassinate Fauxhall.

After his death, Manila military documents blame the smuggling of nukes to Fauxhall.

Mission Appearances

Destroy All Humans! 2



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