Sammy & faire

Sammy and Faire

Sammy and Faire are a famous, husband and wife singing duo in Las Paradiso. Voiced by Dwight Schultz and Kate Higgins.


Sammy and Faire were hired to perform at Nero's Palazzo. Crypto manages to separate Sammy from Faire while disguised as southern rock singer Legg Tallman (parody of Gregg Allman) of whom Faire has a crush on.

In an Odd Job, After their breakup, Sammy goes into depression and checks into the Space Dust, at which he will not gamble, drink, or see their massage therapists, only sleep, which infuriates Crypto. However, Sammy appears on the Dating Game looking for new love. The Furons take advantage of this by killing most of the contestants, and Crypto body snatches Faire and enter her as a contestant. Sammy chooses Faire, and they sing 'You Got Me Hun" at the end of the show.