SAM Launchers are military vehicles that appear only in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Whenever the alert level reaches orange (indicating the Army) the SAM Launchers will come along with the tanks to try to take down Crypto. Unlike the tanks though, they can only harm Crypto's saucer, as they are unable to fire their missiles down at the ground at such close range. Their missiles can do quite a lot of damage to Crypto's saucer, so much so Crypto needs to use drain a lot in order to restore the saucer's health.


In terms of appearance; the SAM Launchers don't differ much from the Tanks, asides from the the big square "heads" they have which store a lot missiles.

See also


  • While they do not appear in Solaris, their are these moon rovers that act similar to them, firing missiles at when Crypto takes off in his saucer or attacking other enemy spacecraft.
  • They are the only tank-like army vehicle to be designed to only attack Crypto's saucer and not Crypto directly.


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