The Russian Spies are two Russian men disguised as American soldiers from Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Steve Blum and Fred Tatasciore.


In Area 42 in the mission where Cryptosporidium 137 has to rescue Cryptosporidium 136, two soldiers can be seen having a conversation. If Crypto (in Holobob) goes close enough to them, the two soldiers will start to talk about their mission and speak of returning home to Russia at night. After they finish conversation, they resume their work undercover.


  • "Do you think they suspect anything?"
  • "Nyet... idiot Americanskis. They wouldn't know a Soviet spy if he waved a shotgun in their faces."
  • "Bravo, comrade. When are we due to report back to Moscow?"
  • "Tonight. The Central Comitee are very eager to study the plans of the new Americanski fighter plane."
  • "Ahem, but how will we cover up our disappearance?"
  • "Viktor is in the base, preparing papers authorizing our immediate departure."
  • "Viktor? That alcoholic? What if he gets captured?"
  • "Retain your trousers, Viktor can be very discreet... as long as he is provided a steady supply of vodka. He will meet us at the rendezvous point later."


  • They foreshadow the events of the second game.
  • They can only be found in Area 42 near Crypto 136's crash site.
  • They are the first characters in the series from to be spies from a different country working undercover. The second is the Undercover Agent.
  • They can be counted as an Easter Egg in the game, as they are unexpected.
  • They can be killed if the player chooses too
  • One of the spies sound identical to the blonde KGB agent in the second game, while the other sounds like the Tunguska Red Army soldier.