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Rural Males are a type of civlian in Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Bill Farmer.  
Rural Male

A Rural Male (with a Farmer behind).


The Rural Males resemble cowboys and are often seen working. They love to eat meat and they love cows and chickens. A couple rural males are present for the Mayor's speech. They can be commonly found in Rockwell.


  • "Clearly the best test for a viable president is, can I have him over for a barbecue?"
  • "I wonder what's for dinner? Oh yeah steak. Again. I want a salad! Is that so wrong?"
  • "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam!"
  • "If only there was some way i could confess my true love for Joe Bob. Joe Bob the chicken that is. Damn I love that animal."
  • "I can feel my arteries clogging up right this second, and it feels good."
  • "Now wait just a second, how in the world does any of that explain the destruction at the fair?"


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