Rural Females are a type of civilian in Destroy All Humans!.


The Rural Females are based off of the farm girl stereotype and are very outgoing and saucy. Many of them participate the county fair and quite a few of them are seen at the Mayor's speech. They are commonly found in Turnipseed Farm and Rockwell.


  • "Ooh, there it is again, that not-so-fresh feeling."
  • "So THAT'S what they mean "a roll in the hay", seems like a whole lot of nothing to me."
  • "Don't chase me!"
  • "Mister Ed vs. Francis the Talking-Mule- now that's a debate i'd like to see, i'd put a carrot on Mister Ed myself."
  • "Alien!"
  • "I wanna be a cowgirl, but who would be my cowboy?"
  • "Now that Ike seems like a guy i'd have over for a barbecue, he's got my vote, not that sleazebag Huffman."
  • "My mind says Amos, but body says Andy."
  • "Got my bus ticket! Hollywood, here I come! Save me a seat at Schwab's."
  • "Oh, I know! That reminds me: Did you hear about Harold and Martha Turnipseed?
  • "Err, what? They're up in Illinois, seeing Jolene and the baby, ain't they?"
  • "Well, that's what we all thought. But apparently, Darrell Kendrick went out to check on a disturbance, and he ended up having to put Martha into a straitjacket!"
  • "A straitjacket!? Oh my heavens!"
  • "Good God!"
  • "They said they probed Harold and then fried him with their death rays, and they zapped her with electricity!
  • "Oh my lord!"
  • "I know!"
  • "You know what this means?"
  • "I'm afraid I do!"



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