Rolo is Saxon's right-hand thug of the White Dragon Kung Fu Society.



Rolo is self-obsessed with his pectoral muscles. Though he looks to be very strong, he is really a pitiful wimp with a fear of pain.


Rolo is Saxon's right-hand man. He is responsible for stealing The Master's Jade Talisman. When Crypto catches up to him, insults him, and kills all of his men, he reveals his true self as a pathetic wimp when he gives back the talisman without a fight. Realizing the loss of sport, Crypto spares his life. Rolo asks him for a favor to convince Saxon that he at least put up a fight, by beating him up, which Crypto agrees to by using PK to slam him against statues.

He is later approached by Crypto to get him to organize a martial arts tournament to draw Saxon out. He agrees to help on the condition that he protects him from the police force that plans to kill him. Crypto succeeds in his task and Rolo keeps his word to round up the kung fu experts for tournament.

After Saxon's death, he rises up to become the leader of the White Dragons. In an Odd Job, Crypto seeks revenge on Rolo for bringing him all those kung fu masters, only to have them turn against him. Crypto uses his Saucer to destroy the White Dragon Compound. Rolo arrives in an attack helicopter packed with powerful weapons. Crypto hints to Rolo that he is going to kill him and Rolo fires multiple missiles at Crypto but the Saucer is not destroyed. Crypto eventually blasts Rolo out of the sky after a chase around Shen Long.


  • Rolo is based off of bodybuilder and martial arts film actor Bolo Yeung.