Irene Haversham, nicknamed as Reeny, is a minor character who appears during a Ruin Lives Odd Job in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Reeny is the wife of Eddie. Reeny seems to have a dislike of the 1960s, knowing that the era was not going to go well for her, and homophobic. In an Odd Job, Crypto disguised as Eddie, calls Reeny and tells her that he's going to have a sex change operation. She initially doesn't believe him and believe it's actually her friend Stan trying to impersonate him. She finally realizes that Eddie is serious when he brings up her erotic stamp collection. Afterwards, she demands to see Eddie outside her house.

Crypto (still disguised as Eddie) meets up with her and the conversation doesn't go well with Reeny, who sees Eddie as the cause of her bras going out of shape. This leads to her demanding to be left alone at the end of said conversation.

According to the newspaper at the end of Odd Job, Reeny left Eddie after his operation was successful.


  • Reeny uses the secondary model of the Albion Pompous Biddies, albeit wearing glasses.
  • Reeny is mentioned in free roam by two women near the Soviet Embassy, who claim that she is having problems with her newly-hired maid from France. It is revealed that she has a poor dietary tract.