Pytor is a KGB Agent from Tunguska who has very disturbing dreams.


Pytor is a KGB Agent who is always seen at the KGB Base in Tunguska. Is seen chatting with another unnamed KGB Agent about his nightmare where he was being ordered around by a space lobster with a whip to do many humiliating and uncomfortable things. Pyotr claimed that the worst part about the dream it was that he was enjoying it. The other KGB Agent he was talking to claims that Pyotr needs to stop drinking so often.

It's up to the player if Crypto can kill him or not.


  • "Pyotr" is the Russian form of the name Peter.
  • The "space lobsters" he speaks about in his dreams are clearly an allusion to the Blisk.
  • It's possible he was actually abducted by the Blisk and the "dreams" are actually memories of the encounter.


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