Pytor is a KGB Agent from Tunguska who has very disturbing dreams.


Pytor is a KGB Agent who is always seen outside a bunker in the KGB Base in Tunguska.

He can be seen chatting with another unnamed KGB Agent about his nightmare, where he was being ordered around by a "space lobster from Mars" with a whip to do many humiliating and uncomfortable things while wearing a vinyl suit.. Pyotr claimed that the worst part about the dream it was that he was enjoying it. The other KGB Agent he was talking to claims that Pyotr is a sick puppy.

He can be killed, although he will always respawn.


  • Eh, not great, but not terrible.
  • Oh, I was being afraid of it. I cannot be helping it... I keep having these dreams.
  • I am being down on all fours, dressed in vinyl suit with red ball in my mouth, and standing over me cracking is...
  • Giant lobster from Mars.
  • Nyet, seriously! Was being giant lobster from Mars giving me orders and cracking whip on my back, and scariest part is being... I WAS ENJOYING IT!


  • "Pyotr" is the Russian form of the name Peter.
  • The "space lobsters" he speaks about in his dreams are clearly an allusion to the Blisk.
  • It's possible he was actually abducted by the Blisk and the "dreams" are actually memories of the encounter.