Prudence Kane is a minor character appearing in Destroy All Humans! 2.


Prudence is the girlfriend and protege of Coyote Bongwater. Before becoming a hippie, she was a co-ed in Berkeley who lived in Sausalito. She later moved into the commune at Golden Gate Park in Bay City, where she started dating Bongwater, helping him spread his Revelade product. She is admired by most of the male hippies but disliked by the females for being a "bourgeois dilettante", demand for luxury, and for being spoiled by her parents. She is most likely a feminist, as she will accuse Crypto of sexually harrassing her when getting into a feud with her.

While searching for Bongwater, a disguised Crypto goes to a concert in the park, meeting Prudence. Prudence gives a speech on how Revelade will change the nation, before telling the audience that the final batch of Revelade will be dumped into the bay and then delivered to Coyote's base. Crypto then leaves to destroy the trucks. After this, Prudence is not seen again.

Mission Appearances

Destroy All Humans! 2


  • Concept art of Prudence Kane appears in the game's art slideshows.
  • Prudence's model is actually an unused version of the model used for other female hippies in Bay City, albeit without the aviators Prudence wears. 

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