Private Danza was a rogue Military soldier. Voiced by Keith Ferguson.


Private Danza was soldier who went rogue when he was caught selling bazookas to the KGB (and apparently had some embarrassing photos of Sergeant Fauxhall). Crypto (disguised as a regular soldier) is assigned to kill him by Sergeant Fauxhall.

Danza was hiding out on the hill besides the army base, but was armed with dozens of other rogue soldiers, EMP mines, landmines, surface-to-air launchers, and machine gun turrets everywhere. He is killed by Crypto.


  • Get the (beep) away from me, you (beep)ing (beep)!


  • Private Danza and the rogue soldiers all wear red helmets instead of the traditional green, to tell the difference between them from the normal Military.
  • Although he is not a boss, he is still a little more difficult to kill than a usual soldier.