Angry Mob

A line of the paranoid civilians gathering around at a diner.

The Paranoid Civilians are customers/victims from eating from the Majestic-controlled diners. Voiced by Keith Ferguson and Paula Tiso


They were a large group of suburban males and females who ate from Majestic diners. According to the scientists, anybody who eats from those places would become mindless, aggressive drones, and hate anybody who is different. They only appear in one mission.


They look exactly the same as the regular civilians in Santa Modesta, only they have floating red "angry faces" hanging above their heads and act extremely hostile.


  • If Crypto gets close to one while disguised they will try to punch you.


  • "Hey I got one! Over here, somebody give me the shotgun!"
  • "I'm seeing red!"
  • "Not one of us, not of us."
  • "Run for the tundra Ivan!"
  • "You look a little shady to me buster."
  • "Hold it right there, comrade."

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