Officer Rudolph Malletmeister is the Police Chief of Bay City.


Officer Rudolph led the cops on a raid against the Hippie tents in an Arkvoodle cult . According to Shama Llama, he had been chasing them for a while now. Crypto then defends the tents and the Police retreat.

Later on in an odd job, a furious Officer Rudolph assigns a disguised Crypto to assassinate a hippie snitch who ratted him out to disappear. He warns you that he'll be guarded though. After killing the snitch, the heat is lifted off Officer Rudolph and he escapes trial.


  • “Get out hippies; we don’t want your loony cult here. Disperse.”
  • “Drop your weapons, and vacate the area.”
  • “Disperse or we’re all going to collect your bail money.”
  • “Vacate the area or we will be forced to use…force. Damn.”
  • “Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
  • “This is your last chance, get out or else you're all going to spend the night at lockup.”
  • “I’m just so mad about the heat I’m getting over that raid on the hippies tent in the park.”
  • “I mean hey, you want them out of the park or not, am I right?”


  • His name is incorrectly spelled "Rudolf" by the subtitles a few times.