Nexus Crystals are Blisk-made artifacts/tools that were used to power the circuits of the Blisk Warship.


Little is actually known about the history of the Nexus Crystals other than that they were used to power the Blisk Warship's circuits and must of have been of some value as the Blisk had not destroyed them yet.

After the Blisk first appeared, Pox ordered Crypto to destroy the Blisk, starting with the Blisk Warship. Pox discovered some nearby Nexus Crystals and suggested that Crypto should use them to overload the circuits of the Blisk Warship, that way it would destroy it. However, Crypto would have to find them first.

The first of the three Nexus Crystals, the Blue Nexus Crystal was located ontop of the Blisk Warship, the second crystal the Yellow Nexus Crystal was found in the cent of the Blisk Base and the third and final one, the Red Nexus Crystal was guarded by the Crystal Blisk. After Crypto finished obtaining all three Nexus Crystals, Crypto then has to correctly slot them all into their proper places all around the Blisk Warship in order for it to be destroyed. After he does so correctly, the Blisk Warship then explodes, destroyed.

It's not precisely known what happens to the Nexus Crystals next, but is highly likely that they were destroyed during the destruction of the Blisk Warship.


  • The Nexus Crystals are the first crystalline-objects to appear in the Destroy All Humans! series.

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