Mohgra is a turtle kaiju monster that appears in an Odd Job in Destroy All Humans! 2.


In the Odd Job, Mohgra lays its eggs on the coast and they are taken away and guarded by the Takoshima military. Professor Yuki knows that this spells trouble for Takoshima. She enlists the help of Crypto (who is disguised as a KGB Agent) to save the eggs. She asks him to use the Saucer's Abducto Beam to carry the eggs and drop them in the volcano base. He also warns him to not damage the eggs or Mohgra with feel them.

Crypto completes this task and a newspaper says that Takoshima is saved. If he fails and incurs Mohgra's rage, a newspaper will say that Mohgra destroyed Takoshima City, showing a picture of the creature flying away into the sun. After mission failure, the Takoshima Tower collapses.


Mohgra can feel her babies in danger. If Crypto damages them in any way, he will incite the rage of Mohgra and will shoot radioactive blasts from the ocean.


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