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Miss Rockwell is an attractive beauty pageant contestant who only appears in the first Destroy All Humans! game at Rockwell.


In the mission where she is present, Crypto must find a human that is dumber and is easily controlled. She is abducted by Crypto and brought back to the Furon Mothership. In the newspaper at the end of the mission, it states that she was sent to an insane asylum after mentioning that "little green men probed her". The mayor was known to have wanted to sleep with her but lost attraction to her after she went crazy. He sent her to the Insane Asylum, there Miss Rockwell became obsessed with the Mayor.



  • She is briefly mentioned in Destroy All Humans! 2, in a commentary "b-movie" titled "Salad Days with Pox & Crypto", saying that she actually did not object to the probing "as if she had it done before".


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