Mindy Peters is the leader of the Roller Girls in Fairfield.


Mindy and her gang are supported by Colonel Kluckin to harass the Big Willy restaurant in Fairfield. They stole Pox's secret sauce recipe until Crypto stole it back. She set off an EMP, which disabled his weapons and jetpack, forcing him to use his mental powers to make his way to the Saucer where Pox repairs his equipment.

Ticked off, Pox orders Crypto to infiltrate the Roller Girls' meetings, where he learns the location of the farm supply depot where they get their speed booster chemical and the construction crew who built their hideout. With the mighty Big Willy, Crypto destroys both of them, plus the place where they buy their skate keys, and finally, their hideout.

The Roller Girls try to destroy Big Willy's with bombs, but Crypto manages to destroy them and the bombs before they reach the restaurant and save it. After which she was lured out by Crypto through using her boyfriend the Corncob King. The Corncob King had been in the process of cheating on her with another roller girl when Crypto posessed him. Luring Mindy out, he kisses her, upon which she realizes it is Crypto. This causes her to shout "Kooties!" out of disgust at having kissed Crypto. She was then killed by Crypto using the Zap-O-Matic.


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