Marcel Marcel is a well-known mime and entertainer. 


Henri Crousteau had hired Marcel Marcel to be the featured entertainer for his Chateau Crousteau before the unveiling of his new plan. Crypto decided to body snatch Marcel Marcel to sabotage Henri Crousteau's party by insulting the guest scientists and making sure they leave. Crypto succeeds in driving the scientists away, thwarting Henri Crousteau's plan. After the end of the party, Henri Crousteau takes off Marcel Marcel's bucket off his helmet, only for then to Crypto to exit body snatch. Marcel Marcel then falls to the ground unconscious.



  • Marcel Marcel is one of the few Body Snatched humans in the games for Crypto to be shown visibly on-screen exiting the Body Snatch.
  • Marcel Marcel is based off famous French actor and mime Marcel Marceau. 


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