Luka is a KGB agent that appears in a Odd Job in Albion. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


In the Odd Job, Pox assigns Crypto to kill a KGB agent named Luka who is placing drums of super-efficent Blisk Spores all around Albion. Pox tells you he's at the Soviet Embassy. Once you go there and scan him, you'll find out that he's put spore drums all over at Soho Bridge, Canal Side and Hyde Park. After this revelation, you kill him and then go to destroy all the spore drums scattered throughout Albion.


  • "New spore drums should be infecting twice as fast! Why I am doing this, I am not knowing. And why put them so far? Soho Bridge, Canal Side, Hyde Park... is too far to walk! Can be causing friction rash on one's yelda!" (inner thoughts)


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