The Komeer Beige Army is a military group in Vietmahl. They work with Colonel Kluckin.



The Komeer Beige are at war with the Americans in Vietmahl because they hate everyone with an IQ above ten, and the American soldiers are all paranoid. Their insignia is identical to the flag of North Vietnam (currently used today as the flag of Vietnam).

They have made a deal with Colonel Kluckin which involves him taking the slaughtered bodies from the war and from others in every country in Southeast Asia and turn them into meat for his restaurant, a similar plan used by Pox for Big Willy's. But Kluckin's plans were stopped when Crypto destroyed their base, and defeated and killed Kluckin.


The Komeer Beige armaments include conventional human arms like guns and rocket launchers. Their vehicles are also conventional jeeps and transports. They also have missile launchers and tanks.


  • Trahn
  • Komeer Beige soldiers


  • Komeer Beige is a parody off of Khmer Rouge.