The KGB Weapons Smugglers Leader is a KGB agent that appears in an Odd Job in Bay City. Voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


The KGB Weapons Smugglers Leader is a high-ranking KGB Agent and he had been in charge of the KGB weapons smuggling business in Bay City. 

In the Odd Job, Crypto is assigned by Pox to put an end to the arms-smuggling business the KGB had in Bay City. In order to find the location of said weapons Crypto needs to find the leader of the KGB weapons smugglers and scan him. Once the leader's inner thoughts have been scanned, Crypto kills him and all the KGB (on the Rock, Hashbury and Ginsberg Heights) and destroys their safehouses.


  • "No one will ever be knowing that I' am having secret warehouses in Ginsberg Heights and Hasbury! I' am being so clever!" (inner thoughts)


  • He is the only known KGB Agent who was not given a true name besides his rank/occupation.


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