The Hypno Beam is a scrapped weapon. 
Hypno Beam

The Hypno Beam featured on a promotional poster.


The Hypno Beam was an early weapon made up during the early days of production on the first Destroy All Humans! game. It was a ray gun that appeared to be heavily armored and with a few tubes attached to it and it was capable of (of course) hypnotizing humans and animals.

Due to it being scrapped, not much is known about it, other than it was most likely replaced with the Hypno ability.


  • Though it did not make it into the final game, the Hypno Beam does appear in a lot of promotional material, such as the one where it's featured on a poster for Destroy All Humans!.
  • It is one of the few scrapped weapons to appear in the early game footage.
  • It's not exactly known at what point in the game when Crypto would have earned this gun, though judging from early game footage, it's likely it would have first debuted in Rockwell.

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