Crypto in Holobob mode

The Holobob was a mental ability introduced in Destroy All Humans!.


Holobob red

The disguise being in danger

The Holobob is an ability that lets Crypto project an illusion of a human around himself, assuming his or her identity. It's general appearance is a ghostly shape of the person Crypto is imitating. But, the disguise constantly uses up concentration energy, forcing him to continually use Cortex Scan to take the thoughts from other humans to refill his concentration meter.

This disguise had one flaw, it could not fool Majestic agents for very long. They can see through the illusion and instantly identify Crypto. When this happens, the disguise will flash red and disappear, unless Crypto avoids the Majestic agents.

This ability was later discarded due to its flaws and replaced with the far superior Body Snatch ability.

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