Grigoriy is a high-ranking Tunguska Police officer who appears in Odd Jobs during Destroy All Humans! 2.


Crypto first meets Grigoriy outside a building in Science Town, asking him if he got a promotion. He tells Crypto that he had been promoted the day before, giving him the role to maintain order in the town. However, he believes that the Russian Mafia has gone too far after the leader, Nikita Dumchov, was killed on the streets by Viktor Tanayev, who took control of the Mafia. Grigoriy orders Crypto to kill Tanayev, who is driving Dumchov's stolen car in Tunguska.

Later, Crypto meets Grigoriy again near the northern exit of Science Town. Grigoriy tells Crypto that he believes that the orders he gets are not "Soviet", and is too afraid to ask Zablitsky, his superior, about his issue. He then tells him that if Zablitsky loses his status, he could get another promotion, allowing him to make "big changes". Grigoriy informs Crypto to let out Doctor Orlov so he can let him escape. 

After Doctor Orlov escapes, Grigoriy meets him at the Frozen Lake, allowing him to escape. Grigoriy is later promoted after Zablitsky's loss of status.

Mission Appearances

Destroy All Humans! 2



  • Grigoriy is the only NPC mission-giver whose model changes at random - His model differentiates between having a beard or being shaven.