A Majestic Agent holding a G-Man Assault Rifle (green variant.)

G-Men Assault Rifles are weapons used by the Majestic Agents in Destroy All Humans!


The G-Men Assault Rifles are anti-alien guns created by the Majestic. It is very powerful, seeing as it can do major damage against not only Crypto, but the Saucer as well. There are two types of the G-Men Assault rifle: the blue version which is similar to a pistol and the green version which is similar to a shotgun. The green version does the most damage to Crypto and can shoot projectiles from the farthest distance.


  • The armed Cosmonauts in Solaris from Destroy All Humans! 2 carry laser guns similar to the G-Men Assault Rifle, however it shoots red projectiles instead and it is far less effective.
  • They are said to be reverse-engineered from Furon technology.

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