Furon DNA is the genetic makeup of all Furons, used in their cloning procedures. Any collected DNA can also be used as currency to purchase upgrades from Pox.



Millennia ago, a group of Furons mated with humans after they came back from the Martian War and as a result, every human being has pure, uncorrupted, Furon DNA in their brain stems. It is Crypto and Pox's mission to harvest the human's Furon DNA to save their race from cloning themselves into extinction. Pure Furon DNA that is collected can also be used to trade to Pox for upgrades to mental abilities and equipment.

At one time, the Furons have invented synthetic Furon DNA, called "I Can't Believe It's Not Furon DNA". But, it had the power to make Furons throw up if they consume it.


  • (Orthopox's explanation of their mission on Earth to the player) "Now then, I know what you're thinking. "What can I, a lowly novice do to help bring about the destruction of Earth and the inevitable reign of the Furon Empire?" Well, I'll tell you. It was in the earliest days of the empire that we realized our species was doomed. Eons of waging war on inferior races with unregulated atomic weaponry had mutated our genes. We could not propagate, due to our complete and utter lack of genitalia. Fortunately, a Furon ship happened upon Earth on its way back from destroying the Martians. Human society was young and... nubile. Sales on a foreign planet, letting off steam, one thing led to another. Long story short, every human being alive today has buried deep in its genetic code, a strand of Furon DNA. Over the eons, we have learned to clone ourselves, but with each iteration, the information degrades and the results are increasingly unpredictable. The Furon genes in humanity's DNA are ancient, uncorrupted. They represent the future of the Furon race, if only we can get at them."


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