Furon Cloning is a regular process that every Furon is a part of.


Since Furons lost the ability to reproduce, thanks to unchecked nuclear weaponry, they've turned to cloning to preserve their race. When a Furon dies, a clone implanted with the same mind takes his place.

Because of this Furons consider themselves to be immortal, mostly due to the fact that their clones carry their personalities. The only way to truly kill a Furon is to delete it from the cloning banks, ensuring that said Furon won't come back as a clone, and as long as only one of a particular clone, say Crypto, exists, the consciousness and possibly, soul, is moved on to the next clone. If there are multiple clones, the minds are separated as individuals.

Despite the fact that cloning nearly wiped out the species, due to lack of pure DNA, Furons rely on cloning for their everyday life. Due to overeliance on cloning, a Furon is able to take a vacation while his cloned self does the work. Another useful idea for this is cloning an army of tens of thousands of Furon warriors from just one soldier, giving a single conqueror an instant army he can use to easily take over a targeted planet, like Crypto and Pox implied to have when they still had their Mothership. The Furons have also cloned Nexosporidium Warriors that are obedient to the cloner's will.

Despite that, Furons with a high number of clones are seen as reckless, due to the fact that they've been killed several times due to their behavior. Furons with a low clone count are seen as elders.

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