Francodyne Industries is a French company in Belleville, which is run by Henri Crousteau
Francodyne Industries

The Francodyne Industries logo as seen in Shen Long.


In 1971, Crousteau found a crashed Furon ship at the bottom of the ocean. The technology inside was the foundation of his Francodyne enterprise.

Francodyne's main functions are the reverse-engineering of Furon technology and the cloning of Nexos. They also planned to inject a virus into the ocean to kill all humans in the world, and strip them of their Furon DNA permanently. Crypto wouldn't allow that, as doing so would make the Furon race die, and put him out of a job.

Agents & Equipment

Francodyne Guards use laser guns to attack Crypto. They can clone Nexosporidium Warriors to use as soldiers for their enterprise. Their cloning lab can generate an inpenetrable shield dome around it to protect it from Saucer weapons.


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