The following information is based on Big Willy Unleashed and should not be considered as canon.
Fantasy atoll

Fantasy Atoll

Fantasy Atoll is an atoll located where Indonesia and the Pacific Islands would be. It is owned by Mr. Pork and his assistant Ratpoo.


There are also common enemies such as the plane crash survivors who shoot at Crypto, 1700s-like pirates who dislike Crypto, the navy, the army, and local rangers. After Pox was tricked by Pork, he has Crypto cause a volcano eruption to destroy Fantasy Atoll.

It's sites are Pork Casa, Mt R'koodle, Ancient Sky God Cult, the Village, a golf course, a naval base, Disaster Island, "Authentic" Native Island, Pirate Island, and the Romance-A-Liner cruise ship.


  • This is a parody of Fantasy Island.
  • Fantasy Atoll was mentioned in the last invasion site of Path of the Furon.

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