Fair Workers are a group of rural civilians from Destroy All Humans!. Voiced by Dwight Schultz.
Fair Worker

A Fair Worker at the Mayor's speech.


The Fair Workers are only seen at Rockwell. They look similar to the Rural Males (as in they both dress like cowboys), however, they sound different. A few are present working at the Rockwell Fair and a couple can be seen at the Mayor's speech.


  • "Man oh man, she maybe the dumbest Miss Rockwell ever, and check out them cantaloupes! God, I love America!"(inner thoughts)
  • "I wanna marry Miss Rockwell, but instead I have to sit here hour after hour, day after day, watching this dang wheel go up and down, around and around, over and over again until somebody dies. Hell of a metaphor..."(inner thoughts)
  • "...claptrap, and after all that, I didn't even get to see Miss Rockwell; she just walked right on by with her..."



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